Boat carrying Haiti migrants sinks: 17 killed, 25 rescued by security forces; threat of human trafficking

A boat sank in the sea near the southern islands of the Latin American country of Bahamas. According to the AP report, the boat carrying the migrants capsized in the sea. Bahamian security forces recovered the bodies of 17 people as soon as the news of the accident was received. 25 others have been rescued.

Police commissioner Clayton Fernander said – It is not known how many people were in the boat, but at least 60 people can sit in the boat which is submerged. The death toll is likely to rise. The boat was going to Miami.

threat of human trafficking
Bahamian officials said – human trafficking occurs through the sea. After the boat sank, we have detained 2 suspects related to human trafficking. The whole matter is being investigated. From the preliminary investigation, it appears that there were more people on board and the boat probably capsized due to bad weather.

Illegal immigration to US via Bahamas
Actually, one can go to America from Haiti via Bahamas. Since last year, many Haiti refugees have been illegally arriving in the US by boat. In May this year, a boat carrying 842 people from Haiti to America had gone awry. It was later revealed that she had crashed. The same month, 11 people drowned in another boat accident.

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