These stocks gave bumper advantage, price less than Rs 4 and returns more than 700%

The volatility in the stock market continues. But there are some penny stocks that have given investors a huge gain in the last one year. Today we will talk about 5 such cheap penny stocks that have given more than 700 percent profit.

New Delhi, Business Desk. In the last one year, 4 penny stocks under Rs 4 have given returns of over 700 per cent. These stocks have given gains at a time when the market remains volatile. We have listed Impex Ferro Tech, Zenith Steel Pipes & Industries Ltd, Prakash Steelage Limited and Kavveri Telecom Products Ltd among the penny stocks giving high returns. These penny stocks have given gains of over 727 per cent.

Impex Ferro Tech Ltd gave more than 700 percent profit
First of all we will talk about Impex Ferro Tech Ltd stock, then this stock has traveled from Rs 1.15 to Rs 9.40. The price of one share of this had also reached Rs 12 in the middle. In the last one year, it has given a profit of more than 717 percent to its investors.

Zenith Steel Pipes & Industries Ltd has given how much profit

The second stock in this list is Zenith Steel Pipes & Industries Ltd. 1 year ago the price of this share was 0.90 which has now become 7.45. This stock has given returns of more than 727 per cent in the last one year. However, since the last 5 days there is a continuous decline.

Prakash Steelage Limited also gave better returns

Talking about the number three stock, Prakash Steel (Prakash Steelage Limited) has also given good returns. It has given returns of more than 300 percent in the last one year. At the same time, talk about its share price, 1 year ago its share price was Rs 1.25, which has now become Rs 5.

Kavveri Telecom Products Ltd

The fourth stock in this list is Kavveri Telecom Products Ltd, which has given huge returns to its investors. 1 year ago, its share price was Rs 1.75, which has now become 7.35. This stock has given a return of 320 percent to the investors in the last 1 year.

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