There will be a ban on the entry of medium and heavy vehicles from October 1 to February 28, 2023.

Keeping in mind that in order to curb air pollution during winters and people do not have to face trouble, the Delhi government has banned the entry of heavy and medium vehicles from October to February.

New Delhi, Online Desk. Pollution has always been a problem in the Delhi-NCR region. It increases even more during cold days. In such a situation, all kinds of problems also arise. In order to reduce the problem of pollution, this time advance steps have been taken by the Delhi government. The Delhi government has banned the entry of medium and heavy vehicles in Delhi from 1 October 2022 to 28 February 2023 in view of the possibility of increasing pollution in the coming winter season.

Every year with the onset of winter, the air pollution in Delhi-NCR gets worse. Stubble burning also starts in many parts of Punjab, Haryana and UP. Even after taking lakhs of steps of the government, farmers set fire to the stubble after harvesting the crop. This spreads pollution on a large scale. Cases were even registered against the farmers to stop the burning of stubble but to no avail. Even today, as before, after harvesting the crop, farmers set fire there, due to which pollution spreads on a large scale.

Due to the cold weather, air pollution is not able to go up in the air, due to this it remains below. Staying down adds to the trouble of people suffering from respiratory diseases. Apart from the stubble, heavy and medium diesel vehicles keep moving here, the smoke coming out of them also harms the people. The Delhi government also issues guidelines from time to time to curb air pollution, but not much success is achieved.

Keeping in mind the air pollution, this time steps are being taken by the Delhi government in advance. In this direction, the entry of heavy and medium diesel vehicles has now been banned from October to February. These vehicles will be banned from entering Delhi for the entire 5 months. This will prevent air pollution.

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