World Blood Donor Day 2022: Theme, History and Significance

WORLD BLOOD DONOR DAY 2022: June 14 is observed as World Blood Donor Day to promote awareness about the need for blood donation and thank voluntary, unpaid blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood. The day aims to promote regular blood donations to ensure that all individuals have access to affordable and timely supplies of safe blood in times of emergency needs. The host nation for World Blood Donor Day 2022 in Mexico. The global event will be held in Mexico City on June 14, 2022.


The Theme for World Blood Donor Day 2022 is “Donating blood is an act of solidarity. Join the effort and save lives”. It is focused on drawing attention to the roles that voluntary blood donors play in saving. The theme aims to highlight the need for committed donors to regular year-blood donation, maintain adequate supplies, and achieve universal and timely access to safe blood transfusion.

The World Health Organization initiated and declared June 14, the birth anniversary of Karl Landsteiner, as World Blood Donor Day in 2004. Nearly a year after this declaration, during the 58th Globe Health Assembly in May 2005 in May 2005, WHO and its 192 member states launched Blood Donor Day to encourage all nations to recognize blood donors for their selfless efforts in saving people’s lives.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies was then founded to spread global knowledge regarding the importance of safe blood donation by healthy people.


The day aims to raise awareness about blood donation and blood products for transfusion and the critical contribution of voluntary, unpaid blood donors to the health system. The day also provides an opportunity to call to action to governments and national health authorities to ensure the availability of adequate resources and develop infrastructure to facilitate the collection of blood from voluntary, non-renumerated blood donors.

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