New bets on Twitter deal: When the company filed a case regarding the deal, Elon Musk took a jibe, said – just look at the irony

Twitter has filed a lawsuit against the world’s richest man Elon Musk in the Delaware court of America. Twitter wants Musk to complete the deal that has been done at $ 54.20 per share (about Rs 4,300). Musk made a tweet after the lawsuit without naming Twitter. In it he wrote, “Look at the irony”.

Deal canceled due to lack of spam account information
Elon Musk had announced to buy Twitter for $44 billion, but he later canceled the deal. He alleged that Twitter has not yet disclosed the number of fake and spam accounts.

Musk did a tweet after canceling this deal. In this, he had put four images and in a way made fun of the deal. Through these pictures, he said, “I can’t buy Twitter. Then they did not give the bot account information. Now they are forcing me to buy Twitter. Now they will have to give the details of the bot account in the court.”

Case to stop Musk from infringing
Twitter said, “We are taking this action to prevent Musk from any further violations and to ask Musk to complete this deal. The lawsuit alleges that Musk breached several terms of the merger agreement.” It is also alleged that the entire episode has damaged the business and image of Twitter.

a long battle may begin
With the filing of this case, now the long battle of acquisition of Twitter can begin. Musk decided to terminate the $44 billion deal last week by sending a letter to Twitter. He had said that the purchase agreement was violated several times, after which he has decided to stop the deal.

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