Nord Stream 1 stopped gas supply, Germany’s breath stuck, because of Russia, the wheel of Europe’s development

Russia’s gas supply to Germany has come to a standstill due to a problem with the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. Because of this, Germany’s troubles have increased. Maintenance of the pipeline is expected to take ten days.

Berlin (agency). The situation in Europe is already worsened by the five-month-long war between Russia and Ukraine, while the supply of gas from the Nord Stream pipeline, which is the medium of gas supply to Europe, has also stopped. The reason for this is the defect in it. It will take ten days to repair this pipeline. Let us tell you that Germany is the largest economy in Europe.

Germany is the largest economy in Europe

Germany is also Russia’s largest consumer of gas. However, the whole of Europe depends on Russian gas. In other countries including Germany, this gas is mostly used to keep the houses warm. If Western countries try to put any kind of pressure on Russia in the ongoing war with Ukraine, then Russia can also use this gas pipeline as a weapon. If this happens, the European economy could be on the verge of collapse.

Nord Stream 1 supplies gas to Germany

Last year also the supply of this gas was interrupted. Due to war already war is not being supplied in the way it used to be. Germany is also worried about whether it will be supplied even after ten days. Nord Stream 1 supplies about 55 billion cubic meters of gas to Germany every year. This gas is supplied through a pipeline laid through the Baltic Sea.

Gas supply will not start low

Klaus Müller, head of the Bundesnetzagentur, says that due to its malfunction and maintenance, the supply of gas in Germany is currently completely closed. He also said that at present, in how many days it will be fixed and nothing can be said about when the supply of gas from Russia will start. The concern of the government and industry, including Germany’s energy regulator, has also increased due to this. The Russia-Ukraine war has also increased Germany’s concern.

Natural concerns of the industry

According to Muller, he had written several letters to various industries of the country in March itself about the gas problem, but industrialists said that he was completely dependent on gas. Can’t do anything without it. Muller also said that he understands their problems but now the country’s gas reserves are very less. So it is natural to have trouble.

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