Last farewell to former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, tribute to the late leader at Jojoji Temple

On the LDP regaining power, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said that we will not only strengthen the army but will also amend the constitution.

Japanese citizens bid their last farewell to former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He was cremated today at a temple in the presence of family members. Abe, the country’s longest-serving prime minister, was shot dead while delivering a speech during an election campaign in the city of Nara.

The whole country and the world were shocked by his murder. A large crowd gathered outside Tokyo’s Jojoji Temple to bid a final farewell to Abe, one of the most influential figures ever since he stepped down as prime minister two years ago. As a convoy of flowers and other vehicles carrying Abe’s body moved towards Jojoji Temple, mourners waved their hands, took pictures of their late leader with smartphones and some chanted ‘Abe san!’. Abe’s wife Aki Abe, close relatives, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and senior party leaders were present during the funeral.

Military strength and resolve to deal with the impact of Kovid
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said that Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will not only strengthen the army, but will also amend the constitution, after his party LDP, which won the election after the assassination of Japan’s former PM, regained power. Describing gun crime as rare in the country, he said that this culture will not be allowed to flourish. Kishida had come to the Buddhist temple to mourn the former leader. He also resolved to deal with the impact of Kovid-19.

China took strong objection to reaching the funeral of Taiwanese Vice President
China’s Foreign Ministry strongly objected to the presence of Taiwan’s Vice President William Lai, who arrived in Japan to attend the funeral of former PM Shinzo Abe. The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s embassy in Japan has filed this objection with the Japanese government. China said it was a move that bothers Beijing because Taiwan is democratically under its territory. Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said in Beijing that Taiwan is certainly part of China, but Lai is not its so-called Vice President.

National Mourning Day celebrated in Sri Lanka
Crisis-hit Sri Lanka on Tuesday declared national mourning in honor of former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe. HK Mayadunnathe, Secretary, Ministry of Public Administration, said the national flag at the state buildings would remain at half-mast, while the day would be a purely working day and there would be no holiday. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe signed a condolence book for Abe at the Japanese Embassy.

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