If the child turns 2 years old, do not take off the clothes, know what things have a wrong effect

Parenting Tips: Young children are the shadow of their parents. They learn everything from him. So if you have small children in your house, then some things must be taken care of like do not bathe together, do not change clothes.

It is said that children are like clay. The mold you cast them into will be molded. When children are small, a lot of care is needed. Sometimes parents think that the child is stupid. Many times such things are done in front of him which has a bad effect on him. Small children are learning everything by watching and listening. Your carelessness or misbehavior may feed into their subconscious mind as a memory forever. This memory can be good or bad and they can apply it in their practice. Here are some things you should keep in mind.

don’t bathe together

No matter how in a hurry you are, don’t change clothes in front of the kids. Especially mothers. Often mothers feel that the child is small, and will not understand. When your child is 2 years old, stop changing clothes and bathing together in front of them.

fight in front of kids

Do not quarrel amongst yourself in front of children. You don’t even understand and that anger keeps going home in their hearts and minds. Even shouting has a bad effect on the mind of children. They copy your behavior and become aggressive. These negative childhood memories have a bad effect on their mind and children learn to fight and respond. If there is a quarrel with your partner, then send the child out of the room with love or settle the dispute with maturity.

to abuse

Even if you are doing this out of love but do not abuse it in front of the child. Small children remain calm while listening, but their catching power is fast. If they will abuse you you are in anger or do this in front of outsiders then you will be ashamed.

drinking wine

It has been revealed in many studies that the children of parents who drink in front of their children do not consider it wrong. They are twice as likely to become addicted to alcohol than other children. If you become violent after drinking alcohol, then there is a fear of insecurity in your children. They do not feel safe and their confidence and personality are affected by growing up.

If you want the child to eat fruits or green vegetables, then you have to do the same with him. If you keep your eyes on the mobile all day long and ask to stay away from the child, then he will never understand your point and he will not take it seriously.

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