Google Play Store logo changed, know what changed

There are reports that a change has been made in the Google Play Store. Along with the design of Google Play Store, its color has been changed. These changes are small enough to not be easily visible.

New Delhi, Tech Desk. Google Play Store logo Change: There are reports of change in the logo of Google Play Store. It has been claimed that after these changes, a clear difference can be seen in the colors of the logo. The change in Google Play Store was first spotted on 9to5Google. Although it is difficult to identify this change easily. But when you look, you will find that there is a small low-resolution new logo at the top of the Google Play Store. When you compare the old and new ones, there will be a huge difference in color and size.

new play store logo google
If we talk about the change, then the blue and green color of Google Play Store has become darker green than before. While there may be some changes in yellow and red colors as well. The corners of the triangle of Google Play Store are also more rounded than before.

old google play store photo

Changes happened in the Google Play Store in the year 2017

Google designed the Google Play Store for the last time in the year 2017, at that time the company removed the shopping bag from the icon. After this, there has been no major change in the Google Play Store in the last 5 and more years. The new change in the Google Play Store matches better with the company’s original color.

Difficult to recognize changes in Google Play Store

However, it is not known when Google has changed the logo of Google Play Store. Also, it is not clear whether the change made in the Google Play Store is permanent or not. If it’s permanent, it will be rolled out to the rest of us Android smartphones. It is expected that gradually this change will be updated in the rest of the Android phones.

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